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cherish designs.

freya - bridal

freya - bridal

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hello and welcome!!!

•each and every pair of earrings are handmade by me! i’ve always loved creating and supporting small businesses so i thought it was time that i take the opportunity to combine both passions of mine.

•all earrings are made with polymer clay. this type of clay is extremely lightweight so even our biggest statement earrings can be worn without hurting your ears. you might even forget they are there sometimes!

•all jewelry hardware contains stainless steel or nickel free metal to promote health and inclusivity of our friends with allergies or sensitivities.

•unfortunately, due to the pandemic and holidays, shipping has been a little unpredictable! i try to mail out each package within 7-10 business days, but once it’s at the post office, timing tends to be out of our hands. in this case, we please ask for your patience! if you don’t receive your order after 14 business days, please make sure to message me so i can figure out how to best support you! i am here for you and want to make sure you receive all products!

•i hope y'all enjoy my collection and i pray that our products encourage you to continue exploring your identity, challenging yourself to try new things, and take time to rest. listen to your mind and body, it is the only one we get!


the name, cherish designs, was chosen with the purpose to empower and inspire each and every person who graces our site. i want our earrings to serve as a reminder to you that cherished. it is pertinent that you know how loved, worthy, beautiful, and cared for you are. you are enough. you are cherished.


this small business stands with and supports people from all walks of life. discrimination of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, religious practice, or any other sort of oppression will never be tolerated


instagram: cherishdesignsco

tiktok: cherishdesignsco

Facebook: cherish designs.


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